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The secret life of Incy Wincy spider

It happens quite often these days that I have nursery rhymes stuck in my head. Today it was Incy Wincy Spider’s turn (cousin of the American Itsy Bitsy Spider).

I just can’t take it out of my mind. And I can never get the words right which is double annoying.

That reminded me to go and check on the four spiders who have made residence in the orbs they weaved directly in front of four of our windows.

Such an unexpected present. The location they chose allowed me to look into their life closely and admire their patience, their incredible beauty,the apparent fragility of their web, a geometric perfection of unnoticed strength and purpose. These amber stripey arachnids put their lives in the spotlight for my very own sheltered voyeurism. Because there is no way I would stare at any of those webs unless I had that protective glass to separate our lives. I am not an arachnophobe as such but the stigma spiders carry with them is unfortunately too vivid on me.


The gluttonous one on the left hand window

In Camila’s room there is one spider in a cobweb by the window just above her cot and one in the window next to it. I caught them wrap their preys in silk, wait for them to die, then begin to eat them, all with imperceptible movements. The left hand spider is considerably bigger than the other. I caught him (or her) wrapping up victims very often and growing in size. The right hand one was still a little one. I only saw him (or her) sucking on a tiny silver moth once.


The skinny one on the right hand window

Is it all about location, location, location in the spider world too?  The left hand spider got himself a spot which turned out to be a magnet for insects, the right hand spider ended up in the suburbia, the desert of insect traffic.

It’s still hanging in there though. Patiently still. Is he praying? Is he starving? Is he jealous of his neighbour? Does he ever say “fuck this shit”? Does he miss his mum? Does he wish he was a tiger instead?

We’ll never know. He never said. I wonder how long until he’ll reconsiders his location, the fool.

Upon inspection, suggested by the Incy Wincy Spider song repeating in my mind, I noticed the left hand side spider had gone missing.

Did he get too fat for his own silky residence? Was he the victim of some arachnid-evil eye induced by his neighbour? Did he go for a poo in privacy? Or did he go up the water spout? If so, where is he now as there has been no rain to wash him out?

I wish David Attenborough was here whispering in my ears of their secret lives and answer all these questions.

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2 thoughts on “The secret life of Incy Wincy spider

  1. Bill Moss on said:

    I quote from the internet (or web): It is usually the female spider that is observed in a web. The male spider only makes a web when he is very young. At maturity he leaves his web and searches for a female. Spiders lay many egg cases which they construct with their silk.


  2. wow, who needs David Attenborough when you can have Bill Moss?? thank you


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