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A mango tree for Camila

Oh dear. Camila’s umbilical cord is still in that pink Tupperware box in the freezer.

The idea was to have it planted under a mango tree right after Camila’s birth. But finding the right mango plant has proved to be rather challenging.

There are so many different varieties of mangoes and I had finally identified the one we really liked: it’s called Mango Edward. Nice big sunset coloured fruits with a thin skin, a velvety texture and a sweet juicy flavour. All the ones we have planted under the promise they’d be Edward have now started producing fruits. And they are not Edward. They are Tomy. (*grunt).

Tomy have a green and red thicker skin and are more stringy and fibery and their flavour is not as sensuous as the Edwards.

Ecuadorian tend to be very approximate and imprecise and are very bad liars. They sell you whatever they have under the semblance of what they understand you are seeking. When I have passionately been describing to the plant sellers what fruit I was after they would just point at what plants they have, passionately convincing me that those are exactly what they will be producing. And then if I tricked them and said ‘and what about the other ones, the ones with the thicker skin?’ they would point at the same plants.

Then you get those sellers who just don’t listen. I’d ask the lady: ‘Is this a Mango Edward or a Mango Tomy?’ Answer: ‘yes’.

Erm…Nope woman! Is either one or the other, not ‘yes’. (*grunt).

And once again I would walk away frustrated. So this Mango palaver went on until now, ten months on when we finally found a mango plant in a nursery that was actually labelled as a Mango Edward. Boom. Got it and decided to plant it on the approaching Mother’s day, to celebrate Mama Biba for the first time. Along with Camila’s umbilical cord to celebrate her life and a sprinkle of Epsom salts in lieu of fairy dust.


“check out my mango” says Camila

Meanwhile, a mile down the road from us, our friend Ashley was in full labour and delivered a precious baby girl that same afternoon. How nice is it to become a mother on mother’s day?

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6 thoughts on “A mango tree for Camila

  1. Lovely post, Biba. May both Camila and her own special mango tree grow up strong and healthy! Viktoria


  2. Susana on said:


    Qué linda es Camila!!! ❤ I'm a big fan of your blog! we are also becoming "rural-virgins"… we just bougth some land in Curacavi, close to Santiago and we are planning to live there 😀


  3. How Bella!!! i saw you somewhere on my internasty and didn’t realise who you were until all of a sudden! Lovely writing! Beautiful baby! I love your artwork too. xx


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