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From Supertramps to Ruralvirgins

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

After three years of travelling and documenting our adventures on our travel blog it came to my attention that really, for the past year and a half our travels have been rather static, concentrated in the little town of Vilcabamba, in southern Ecuador, where we embraced a whole new way of living.

If travelling means discovering new cultures and costumes, enjoying freedom by living in the present, expanding your mind by welcoming new ways of thinking and opportunities; well this we have been doing only without packing backpacks, enduring painful night bus trips, or working out new currencies with our noses meandering through guide books.

In some indefinable way, curiously civilised, we have sort of settled here. Sheer folly!



The majority of the hundreds of ex-pats who are currently populating this little Ecuadorian village , have done extensive research prior to the past two “end of the worlds” in search of the safest place to live and discovered this village in the southern Ecuadorian Andes ticked all the boxes for being just the right place to enjoy survival due to its location near the equator, its altitude, the presence of many natural springs…the absence -not any more according to latest rumours- of chem trails.

Some were merely fascinated by the idea that Vilcabamba is often referred to as The Valley of Longevity, attracted by the raw food conventions and the appetizing availability of natural remedies ( these would be the Californians! ) and some are just sheep of the “International Living” shepherd, the publication for retired people looking to relocate abroad who are doing extensive publicity of this village.

Some of them just ended up staying after having participated one of those ufo/conspiracies conventions and found a whole bunch of peers of the same way of thinking they decided it was worth sticking in for, perhaps with the prospect of creating a like-minded community.

As per ourselves,we have simply stumbled across it, on our way out of Peru’. And when we did, we were so curious and eager to discover Colombia that we even considered skipping the whole country all together!

But then we stayed at the Jardin Escodido Hotel…

From the day we started working in it, a string of events followed which transformed us from Supertramps into Rural Virgins.

The Jardin Escondido enlightenment

The Jardin Escondido enlightenment

We worked at the hotel for over a year -we bought a piece of land – we went back to Italy and got married – we came back to Vilcabamba and built a house, and just to be extremely cliché and stereotype fitting, we are now expecting a baby!

Follow us on our journey, it will no longer be dotted with maps and on-the-road stories but it’s a trip nonetheless!

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